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In the environmental arena, the legal, technical, regulatory, and scientific aspects of any project cannot be separated. They are interconnected and interdependent, requiring an integrated approach. With MCGI on the project, decisions are made with an understanding of scientific issues and the legal implications of every technical decision.

Resource managers and environmental policy makers are increasingly searching for reliable quantitative and qualitative information to help them make good decision, that is why MCGI is here to help you.

This site provides information about Meridian Consultant Group, Inc. (MCGI) Environmental Services. It addresses staff qualifications, the type of services we can provide and our technical capabilities. The information here  is  not intended to be all inclusive but rather a brief overview of  what we can offer our clients.

MCGI offers its clients very competitive prices for its high quality services.

For more detailed information as it relates to your specific needs, please feel free to contact us any time. Our facility and documentation are available for your inspection upon request.

Thank you for your interest in MCGI. We look forward to the privilege of serving you.






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