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Quality Policy

MCGI is dedicated to providing its clients with a competitive advantage through a continuous process of quality enhancements in all areas of its performance.   

MCGI personnel understand the position of the environmental industry as it seeks to comply with many legislative and regulatory requirements. Thus, in addition to high-quality performance, MCGI follows a rigorous protocol in documenting and recording all of the findings and activities concerning each individual project.

Once a project is completed, MCGI conducts an internal review for each individual project to ensure high-level of quality before submitting the results to the client. An important part of our quality policy is that the MCGI management approach ensures on-time and on-budget performance to our clients.



There can be no compromise on the quality of any data reported by MCGI. Our staff has been informed of this policy through a written statement concerning data authenticity, confidentiality, and adherence to QA/QC requirements.

MCGI promises itsí clients objective and integral reports through rigorous adherence to strict QA/QC measures. The MCGI QA/QC Plan is designed to provide the highest quality data and service consistent with the physical resources and personnel available. The objective of the QA/QC Plan is to detail the necessary input, procedures, and controls to maintain QA/QC within MCGI Services' scope of operation.

MCGI is committed to providing the best service possible to our clients, not as a contractor, but as an objective advocate.



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