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Environmental Data Management

Through the life span of an environmental project, reams of data are generated to characterize environmental problems.  These data come in many different formats (hard copy reports, electronic databases, spreadsheets, field investigation results, ) which can make it difficult to integrate and analyze.  The purpose of integrated environmental data management is to acquire, store and analyze environmental data to develop a conceptual model of a site so a solution can be designed to an environmental problem (e.g., environmental planning, modeling, remediation, ).

Data generated by environmental sites usually include the following, which depending on the age of the investigation, are generally stored in several different formats:

  • Field Observation Data

  • Field Screening or Quality Measurement Data

  • Lithological Data from Soil Borings

  • Laboratory Data

  • Spatial Data

MCGI can assimilate, normalize, digest, interpret and disseminate these data into an integrated database that is an integral part of any project.

We look forward to the privilege of serving your project needs.




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