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Data Quality Objectives (DQO)


As stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each year   the   EPA   and  the   regulated   community   spend approximately $5 billion collecting environmental data for scientific research, regulatory decision making, and regulatory compliance.  While these activities are necessary for effective environmental protection, it is the goal of EPA and the regulated community to minimize expenditures related to data collection by eliminating unnecessary, duplicative, or overly precise data.  At the same time, the data collected should have sufficient quality and quantity to support defensive decision making.  The most effective way to accomplish both of these goals is to establish criteria for defensible decision making before the study begins, and then to develop a data collection design based on these criteria.  To facilitate this approach, the Quality Assurance Management Staff (QAMS) of EPA has developed the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) Process.  Thru the DQO process, the effectiveness, efficiency, and defensibility of the data and the related decisions can be approached in a resource-effective manner.

The DQO Process is a strategic planning approach based on the Scientific Method that is used to prepare for a data collection activity. It provides a systematic procedure for defining the criteria that a data collection design should satisfy, including when, where & how to collect samples, the tolerable level of decision errors for the study, and how many samples to collect.  DQO combines both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the data used in the decision making.

With MCGI on the project, decisions are made with an understanding of scientific issues and the legal implications of every technical decision.

The DQO Process 

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