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Field Audit Programs

MCGI provides Field Audit service to our clients.  All field-related quality assurance/control activities are evaluated during an on-site systems field audit. Performing field audits ensures that the appropriate sample collection, documentation, and equipment decontamination procedures are used.

The design of an audit is tied directly to the objectives defined by the client. Some clients simply want to find out if their contractors are following the SOPs outlined in their work plans at a single site. This type of audit is simple and straightforward. Other clients want to evaluate the field equipment used by their field staff or determine if the field team is complying with specific requirements of overseeing regulatory agencies in several different jurisdictions. This type of audit is typically more complicated, requiring more time and a more substantial report.

MCGI’s auditors will make detailed observations about actual field activities being conducted during the audit. Depending upon the objectives of the audit, these observations may be evaluated against required SOPs, against best available standard methods and practices; or against corporate field procedure guidance.

Audits may be conducted as an unannounced visit to permit observation of actual field practices. In other cases, the field team is well aware of the audit and works with the auditors to structure field activities that will cover all key practices and procedures defined in the SOPs.  In other instances, where the audit is conducted as an independent third party review of field procedures, the field team may be given a window of dates for the audit to be conducted.

In case of multiple sites, selecting which sites is dependent on which will meet the objectives of the audit.  For audits in which compliance with requirements of different regulatory agencies is being evaluated, a combination of sites can be selected.

MCGI’s final written audit report can vary from a simple checklist report to a very detailed technical evaluation report.  In addition to written reports, photographic documentation of field activities can also be included in the report pending security clearance with the field site.

We look forward to the privilege of serving your project needs.


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