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Environmental Laboratory Audit and Procurement Programs


MCGI is committed to obtaining high quality analytical services, as specified by the client, in a cost effective, timely, and compliant manner. We provide procurement and audit assistance to all our clients to best meet their needs in accomplishing their project goals and mission.  

Engineering firms, often, do not have complete understanding and knowledge of analytical laboratories and what is involved in the analytical procedures. That is where MCGIís experienced and knowledgeable chemists come in to provide professional laboratory evaluation and procurement to our clients.


Laboratory Audit Program:


If your company requires laboratory auditing as part of it's qualification or for specific project, identifying and selecting the qualified laboratory, or laboratories, should be of the highest priority.  Selecting a quality laboratory helps prevent costly re-sampling and re-analysis due to poor quality of analytical data.


A typical Laboratory Audit consists of review and evaluation of several items listed below.  However, a laboratory audit checklist could be developed and customized for a specific projectís requirements and clientís needs.


Items to be reviewed and evaluated during Laboratory Audit Program:


- Laboratory's facility, regulatory history and financial stability

- Laboratory's accreditations, registrations, licenses, certifications, and Performance Evaluation (PE) sample analyses.

- Active laboratory quality assurance program, laboratory quality manuals, laboratory quality policies and laboratory quality procedures.

- Whether the laboratory is following all contractual commitments previously made?

- Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures and assess whether the laboratory is following the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures?

- Adequacy of the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures.  Do these meet regulatory requirements or your firm's standards?

Laboratory's test sample handling procedures.  Are the incoming laboratory samples properly identified and stored to prevent laboratory sample mix-ups and to maintain the integrity of the laboratory test samples, including chain of custody (CoC)?

- Laboratory's cleanliness and organization.  Could deficiencies or lack of organization lead to physical or microbial contamination of laboratory samples, laboratory sample mix-up or loss of integrity of the laboratory testing samples?

- Experience and knowledge of the laboratory management and laboratory staff.  Is there on-going laboratory training and continuing education?

- Laboratory's handling of laboratory test samples during the analysis procedures.

- Laboratory instrumentation and laboratory equipment.  Is the laboratory instrumentation and laboratory equipment adequately used, qualified, validated, maintained and calibrated?

- The laboratory's performance of laboratory testing.  Is the laboratory properly validating any laboratory testing methods and correctly performing the laboratory testing, analysis, experimentation or research?

- The laboratory's handling of any out of specification results ( OOS ) and any laboratory investigations and corrective actions.

- Laboratory data reduction, validation and reporting.

- Review any noted deficiencies found during the laboratory audit with the laboratory management.

- Evaluate the deficiencies found during the laboratory audit and determine whether the laboratory is an acceptable vendor.


MCGI can also develop and evaluate Performance Evaluation (PE) sample programs to support the laboratory audit and any project specific needs.


Laboratory Procurement Program:


MCGI will develop and prepare specification for analytical bids; Solicit proposal from qualified laboratories; Evaluate cost proposals provided by laboratories; Then consult with the client in order to make the final decision.


After selecting the laboratory, MCGI can place sample container orders with the laboratory; Schedule analyses; Track the progress of sample analyses and assist in the resolution of problems that might arise during the analyses; Review all laboratory final reports and data package for compliance and completeness; Review and approve laboratory invoices before submitting it to the client for final approval.


As we try to protect our clientís interest and meet the projectís objectives, over the years and through working with various laboratories on several projects, MCGI has carefully developed a professional business relationship with several laboratories which benefits our clientís interest.  MCGI only solicits laboratories that have been audited by our team within the last twelve (12) months, unless recommended otherwise by the client.


With MCGI on the project, decisions are made with an understanding of scientific issues and the legal implications of every technical decision.


We look forward to the privilege of serving your project needs.





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