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Environmental Litigation Support

Our in-depth knowledge and diverse experience of environmental chemistry and regulatory agencies ensures that we provide case winning legal support to our clients.  We help attorneys understand the science of the case, review the validity of findings on which the case is based, and find explanations for various scientific phenomena.

MCGI acknowledges that effective litigation support embraces more than just technical expertise.  Our team possesses the ability to communicate and convey the scientific and technical aspects of a case to the legal team in a simple way that help them acquire the necessary knowledge to develop a wining strategies.

Our staff has the ability to review, validate and assimilate large quantities of data and information, perform researches/investigation on unusual scientific phenomena, identify gaps in the information with regard to legal strategy, and develop approaches to fill those gaps. We finally develop and organize technical conclusions that appropriately support the legal approach and can be clearly understood by the trier-of-fact, through rendering technical words, acronyms and difficult concepts understandable.  Our experts present the facts concisely and believably using exhibits that are created in-house, such as video presentations, diagrams, multilayered cross-sectional maps, aerial photographs and 3-D demonstrations.

We understand the scientific language and how to convey it in a lively manner so that the trier-of-fact not only understands, but enjoys the testimony and presentation.


We look forward to the privilege of serving your scientific needs.



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