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Project Chemist

MCGI is proud to provide environmental engineering firms with the unique service of “Project Chemist”.  Our highly qualified and experienced project chemist will work with you directly, and under the client’s direction, in all capacities to serve and meet the technical and scientific requirements of a project.  Also, our Project Chemist can be utilized to meet your proposal(s) needs.

Our Chemist will also act as a Technical Interface between your Engineering Firm, Regulatory Agencies and Laboratories to resolve any technical issues on the project.  This service can be provided on a project basis or as needed by the client.

We look forward to the privilege of serving your project needs.



Data Validation Services  - Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Data Quality Objectives (DQO)  -  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Laboratory Procurement/Audits  -  Field Audits Quality Assurance Project Plan(QAPjP)

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