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Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPjP)

The Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPjP) documents management practices used to ensure that the results of technical work are of the type and quality needed for their intended use. The elements to be addressed in a QAPjP include: management and organization; quality system description; personnel qualifications and training; procurement of items and services; documentation and records; computer hardware and software; planning; implementation of work processes; assessment and response; and quality improvement. The QAPjP is sometimes viewed as the ‘umbrella' document under which individual projects are conducted. State environmental agencies typically have one QAPjP that covers all of their programs involving monitoring.

The U.S Environmental Protection agency (EPA) has developed the QAPjP (QA Project Plan) as a tool for project managers and planners to document the type and quality of data needed for environmental decisions and to describe the methods for collecting and assessing those data. The development, review, approval, and implementation of the QA Project Plan is part of EPA’s mandatory Quality System.

The QAPjP integrates all technical and quality aspects of a project, including planning, implementation, and assessment. The purpose of the QA Project Plan is to document planning results for environmental data operations and to provide a project specific ”blueprint” for obtaining the type and quality of environmental data needed for a specific decision or use. The QA Project Plan documents show how quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are applied to an environmental data operation to assure that the results obtained are of the type and quality needed and expected.

MCGI, as an independent consultant, provides its clients with the service of reviewing, developing and implementing QAPjPs to meet the project requirements and the client’s needs.  After an understanding and reviewing of the Data Quality Objective (DQO), MCGI develops these QAPjPs, sometimes based on templates of documents that have been accepted by regulatory agencies for similar programs. MCGI uses innovative and cost-effective approaches in designing and developing QAPjPs.  Submitting a poorly written, designed or deficient QAPjP can impact program costs and also delay schedule. Addressing agency comments for these documents can add weeks, even months onto a project schedule. MCGI can perform an independent review of these QAPjPs and provide insight as to the document’s level of detail, appropriateness, based on the DQOs, and their likelihood of acceptance by regulatory agencies.

With MCGI on the project, decisions are made with an understanding of scientific issues and the legal implications of every technical decision.

We look forward to the privilege of serving your project needs.



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